We are a property developer and consulting company specialising in boutique apartments and green field communities.

Our aim is to provide human-centric designed developments that promote autonomous living and we approach our work by determining how we can best serve the families that will eventually live in our developments.

At Sarland we maximise the property use and value, create opportunity, and build positive impact and better liveable environments.

We place people first.


Not just another consultant – we sit in your seat.

When you engage Sarland to consult and assist with your development, we sit in your seat with you. We work through each problem and hurdle with you. Put plans into action with you. We can do this, as we have been through every problem before.

You have just acquired a parcel of land and don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you are part way through your development and you don’t know how to refinance to free up cash flow.  The sleepless nights are long when you don’t know what to do.

We can help. We have overcome these hurdles and many others. Let’s sit down together so you can get back doing the real work.


How does this decision affect future decisions…

We don’t just look at the issue or decision in front of us today. Through our experience, we see how this decision will affect future decisions for the development. This foresight saves time and money.

Feasibility Modelling and Market Research

Planning and Approvals

Project Management and Cost Control

Engineering and Construction Management

Contract Administration, Legal Counsel and Conveyancing

Cost Control, Financial Reporting and Management Reporting


Engineer Building Ecosystems

As the construction arm of Sarland, the sentiments of the Forbair company are derived from the namesake’s Gaelic meaning – to develop, grow, build. At Forbair, we don’t just manage building projects. We Engineer Building Ecosystems – we build and deliver the ecosystem to support success.

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